Comrades of ‘A’ Company

Birmingham Pals 'A' Company.

It is thought that William Whitmore made this list prior to departing to France, probably early in 1915. (He lists himself as a Private, though he was promoted to Lance-Corporal on 24th May 1915). Some of soldiers listed were promoted during the campaign, and others were transferred before setting sail.
Note: for presentational reasons and in order to provide searching options the data contained in this table is presented a little differently than it appears in the diary. A memorial column has been added to provide a link to the CWGC site.
Platoon 1Section 1CapRobinson – Sen1
Platoon 1Section 1CapEhrhardt – Jun2
Platoon 1Section 12nd LieutBaugh – ? Con3
Platoon 1Section 1CSMHern K Commission4
Platoon 1Section 11062QMSParry W M5
Platoon 1Section 1217SgtMiddleton A C(?) Commission6
Platoon 1Section 165LCplCooper A M7
Platoon 1Section 1111LCplHooper F A8
Platoon 1Section 1193PteHall W E 9
Platoon 1Section 164PteCurtis G W[killed 23 July 1916, aged 29]10
Platoon 1Section 1105PteWiddowson H11
Platoon 1Section 1240PteHolder J P12
Platoon 1Section 166PteBall C S13
Platoon 1Section 1119PtePrescott T P[killed 23 July 1916, aged 22]14
Platoon 1Section 1166PteHughes H T15
Platoon 1Section 1101PteBate F A16
Platoon 1Section 178PteAdey A H17
Platoon 1Section 1113PteHowell D[killed 25 March 1916, aged 21]18
Platoon 1Section 179PteSmith F G19
Platoon 1Section 1510PteBenfield B W[killed 23 July 1916, aged 26]20
Platoon 1Section 1?PteSheaf F21
Platoon 1Section 2236SgtFawcett F A22
Platoon 1Section 21073LCplHarris A23
Platoon 1Section 2861LCplBird W H24
Platoon 1Section 243PteMatthews M(?) A25
Platoon 1Section 2490PteSmith O26
Platoon 1Section 227PteKlein W27
Platoon 1Section 2192PteLavelle J M28
Platoon 1Section 290PteStephenson S C29
Platoon 1Section 2148PteFranklin W E30
Platoon 1Section 2185PteLemmon(?) E31
Platoon 1Section 247PteCox R G32
Platoon 1Section 2141PteSmart N H(?)33
Platoon 1Section 2509PteBeech C J34
Platoon 1Section 297PteTongue G H35
Platoon 1Section 246PteRenaud Y C – Discharged36
Platoon 1Section 273PteTongue W E37
Platoon 1Section 235Pte? ? ?38
Platoon 2Section 3188LCpl(?)Lilley A- Transferred to C Coy39
Platoon 2Section 363PteCooper G E40
Platoon 2Section 3179PteButler C H T41
Platoon 2Section 361PteCollyer S J42
Platoon 2Section 3363PteBishop E L43
Platoon 2Section 3592PteButler L S L[killed 21 July 1916, aged 18]44
Platoon 2Section 3832PteJudge T45
Platoon 2Section 348PteClarke F W – On Probation A O Corps46
Platoon 2Section 3183PteBooth S – On Probation A O Corps47
Platoon 2Section 3136PteWilliams H48
Platoon 2Section 3181PteBachelor W49
Platoon 2Section 3139PteWhitehead E H50
Platoon 1Section 460SgtCross J K(?) Commission 18/3/15(?)51
Platoon 1Section 4133PteWhitmore W B52
Platoon 1Section 413PteGlaze B C53
Platoon 1Section 4161PteGoldspink G H54
Platoon 1Section 4163PteGreen S55
Platoon 1Section 470PteHarding S W56
Platoon 1Section 484PteHunt F D57
Platoon 1Section 4170PteJacobs F58
Platoon 1Section 4174PteJones A[killed 23 July 1916, aged 24]59
Platoon 1Section 4168PteJackson S P60
Platoon 1Section 4173PteJones W61
Platoon 1Section 4106PtePedlingham E R62
Platoon 1Section 421LCplSmith J B[killed 23 July 1916, aged 21]63
Platoon 1Section 4142LCplScott S L64
Platoon 1Section 4145LCpl?Evans – On Probation65
Platoon 1Section 4293(?)Sgt? ?66
Platoon 2Section 52nd LieutLythgoe[killed 26 July 1916]67
Platoon 2Section 51078SgtPhillips A J68
Platoon 2Section 595SgtUpton A69
Platoon 2Section 522SgtCooksey M70
Platoon 2Section 5CplWilliams71
Platoon 2Section 558LCplCox F W[killed 30 July 1916]72
Platoon 2Section 528PteAnstey J DAnstey J D73
Platoon 2Section 552PteCox H J74
Platoon 2Section 569PteDixon S75
Platoon 2Section 5227PteElliott G S76
Platoon 2Section 5114PteHarris D W77
Platoon 2Section 5187PteLees T78
Platoon 2Section 540PteMorley E W[killed 23 July 1916]79
Platoon 2Section 542PteNarborough H(?)80
Platoon 2Section 5121PtePondrous A81
Platoon 2Section 5103PteRichardson H J – on probation R F(?) Corps82
Platoon 2Section 596PteRodway H83
Platoon 2Section 5?37PteWilkinson D A84
Platoon 1Section 6Reg NoRankName85
Platoon 2Section 6589CplCartwright86
Platoon 2Section 641CplHill T87
Platoon 2Section 6398PteFrasier M T H(?)88
Platoon 2Section 6234PteFreeman T H89
Platoon 2Section 6606PteGreen N F90
Platoon 2Section 687PteHill A E91
Platoon 2Section 6823PteJackson R A92
Platoon 2Section 6178PteJohnson A H Commission 5.4.1593
Platoon 2Section 6199Pte?ibby C94
Platoon 2Section 645PteNorth W J[killed 23 July 1916]95
Platoon 2Section 6127PtePalmer A E96
Platoon 2Section 672PteTeffer(?) T W97
Platoon 2Section 61018PteWasser H98
Platoon 2Section 61014PteWeston N A99
Platoon 2Section 61015PteWeston M H100
Platoon 2Section 6SgtToed(?) on probation C O ?101
Platoon 2Section 733CplRowcroft G A[killed 23 July 1916]102
Platoon 2Section 7861PteBird W H103
Platoon 2Section 7549PteDe Vere R Commissioned 25/3/15104
Platoon 2Section 712PteFloat S E105
Platoon 2Section 7401PteGoode S A106
Platoon 2Section 71PteFleming H107
Platoon 2Section 72PteGreen G F108
Platoon 2Section 7905PteGuthrie A D109
Platoon 2Section 791PteHawton E110
Platoon 2Section 7822PteJohnson L J111
Platoon 2Section 7124PtePark N112
Platoon 2Section 7774PteParker S H113
Platoon 2Section 7666PteWilson J D114
Platoon 2Section 7574PteBird C J115
Platoon 2Section 7131PtePreston W A[killed 23 July 1916, aged 23]116
Platoon 2Section 8Reg NoRankName117
Platoon 2Section 8581CplBrown P W Commissioned 10/3/15118
Platoon 2Section 8764LCplSanby W Commission119
Platoon 2Section 8575PteBrooks R A120
Platoon 2Section 8595PteBurton W121
Platoon 2Section 849PteCoates122
Platoon 2Section 853PteCheshire D123
Platoon 2Section 81100PteDeane124
Platoon 2Section 8147PteField F A[killed 23 July 1916, aged 22]125
Platoon 2Section 8115PteHoward A126
Platoon 2Section 8449PteIneuds(?) H127
Platoon 2Section 889PteSkett128
Platoon 2Section 8750PteTaylor B C129
Platoon 2Section 876PteThompson A E[killed 23 July 1916, aged 24]130
Platoon 3Section 92nd LieuLythgoe[killed 26 July 1916]131
Platoon 3Section 91030SgtMalin[killed 26 July 1916, aged 45]132
Platoon 3Section 9249L SgtCurle133
Platoon 3Section 9382L CplHughes Commission 10.3.15134
Platoon 3Section 930PteAllen C B[killed 23 July 1916]135
Platoon 3Section 985PteBrooks136
Platoon 3Section 915PteDowler137
Platoon 3Section 9230PteFindlay138
Platoon 3Section 9149PteFarnell A B[killed 23 July 1916, aged 25]139
Platoon 3Section 9150PteFarnell A C[killed 23 July 1916]140
Platoon 3Section 9202PteGoode141
Platoon 3Section 9200PteGibson142
Platoon 3Section 9158PteGledhill143
Platoon 3Section 9(1?)67PteInstone144
Platoon 3Section 9108PteJennings145
Platoon 3Section 9(?)8PteLund146
Platoon 3Section 9(?) 39PteM Michael Commissioned147
Platoon 3Section 9?8PtePain148
Platoon 3Section 9?PteProe149
Platoon 3Section 10781LSgtKeep A B Commission150
Platoon 3Section 10154PteBird W H151
Platoon 3Section 10565PteAnderton S[killed 23 July 1916, aged 24]152
Platoon 3Section 1057PteCoslett F V Commission153
Platoon 3Section 1050PteCoslett T C[killed 23 July 1916]154
Platoon 3Section 1055PteCaswell J R[transferred to 10th Battalion, died of wounds 15 May 1918, aged 28]155
Platoon 3Section 1051PteClements C A156
Platoon 3Section 10178PteHoltham M157
Platoon 3Section 10172PteJones S A158
Platoon 3Section 10171PteJones H A159
Platoon 3Section 10176PteJoliffe L D160
Platoon 3Section 10215PteMcQuay F161
Platoon 3Section 10126PtePlatt S W[killed 23 July 1916, aged 33]162
Platoon 3Section 10132PteWiles F W163
Platoon 3Section 101010PteWillis O164
Platoon 3Section 10?SgtRice W G L165
Platoon 3Section 111088SgtKitchen J M A[killed 16 December 1915]166
Platoon 3Section 11594LCplBurleigh S G Commission 3.5.15167
Platoon 3Section 11248LCplCurle A C168
Platoon 3Section 11211PteSanders V G169
Platoon 3Section 11324PteDawson G170
Platoon 3Section 11155PteHoe A[transferred to 10th battalion, killed 20 June 1917, aged 24]171
Platoon 3Section 11169PteJones F G[killed 23 July 1916, aged 25]172
Platoon 3Section 11110PteJukes A E173
Platoon 3Section 11218PteMansell C P174
Platoon 3Section 11212PteMiller N175
Platoon 3Section 11213PteMiddleton S N176
Platoon 3Section 11835PteNorthwood J D D177
Platoon 3Section 11210PteSanders V G178
Platoon 3Section 11144PteSmith SKilled 18/3/16179
Platoon 3Section 11311PteThompson V H[killed 23 July 1916, aged 24]180
Platoon 3Section 12184LCplLangley181
Platoon 3Section 12384PteHiggins Commission 30.4.15182
Platoon 3Section 12245PteCrocksford183
Platoon 3Section 12243PteCartwright184
Platoon 3Section 12222PteEvans P M[killed 25 November 1916, aged 24]185
Platoon 3Section 12209PteGroves186
Platoon 3Section 12677PteIngram187
Platoon 3Section 12189PteLindner C A188
Platoon 3Section 12343PteLilley189
Platoon 3Section 12214PteMcNeil190
Platoon 3Section 12816PteOnions[killed 23 July 1916, aged 22]191
Platoon 3Section 12314PteTurner192
Platoon 3Section 12285PteWilcock193
Platoon 3Section 121002PteButt194
Platoon 4Section 13??2nd LieuMatthews195
Platoon 4Section 13244SgtConnolly J P196
Platoon 4Section 1371CplTaylor O P197
Platoon 4Section 13104PteBeddart A J198
Platoon 4Section 13561PteBailey W E199
Platoon 4Section 1314PteDavies H V200
Platoon 4Section 13116PteHutton T W M201
Platoon 4Section 13180PteHutton J H M – Transferred to F C202
Platoon 4Section 13182PteHomer – Discharged203
Platoon 4Section 138PteMarsh A H204
Platoon 4Section 13732PteSorge F(?)205
Platoon 4Section 13276PteSharrock W – Transferred to F C206
Platoon 4Section 1393PteVint G207
Platoon 4Section 1394PteVint S A[killed 23 July 1916]208
Platoon 4Section 13?34PteWatkins A G W209
Platoon 4Section 14753LCplPlenderleith C B210
Platoon 4Section 14153PteBagot F H211
Platoon 4Section 14194PteBentley S T212
Platoon 4Section 14164PteGoodings S A213
Platoon 4Section 14242PteHeath W R[transferred to 15th Battalion, killed 3 September 1916]214
Platoon 4Section 1426PteKynock E J – Transferred 17.2.15 RFC215
Platoon 4Section 14117PtePage F H216
Platoon 4Section 14120PteParsonage F W217
Platoon 4Section 14143PteSimmonds F C218
Platoon 4Section 14711PteSkerritt H R219
Platoon 4Section 1417PteSidwell W H220
Platoon 4Section 1418PteSimons F E221
Platoon 4Section 1481PteSprawson W C222
Platoon 4Section 14267PteWhite G223
Platoon 4Section 15808LCplLine W R A224
Platoon 4Section 15205PteGreen A P[killed 23 July 1916, aged 21]225
Platoon 4Section 151072PteGroom T R Commission 24/6/15226
Platoon 4Section 15137PteFranks J W227
Platoon 4Section 15806PteLine F F228
Platoon 4Section 15346PteLevi F J229
Platoon 4Section 15821PteMead – Transferred to AOC(?)230
Platoon 4Section 15773PtePlenderleith N(?) W(?)231
Platoon 4Section 15486PteRudd O[killed 23 July 1916, aged 19]232
Platoon 4Section 15485PteRudd A W233
Platoon 4Section 15484PteRosenthall A234
Platoon 4Section 15140PteRoberts W235
Platoon 4Section 15274PteScott R W[killed 3 September 1916, aged 21]236
Platoon 4Section 15496PteWarren-Boulton[killed 23 July 1916, aged 19]237
Platoon 4Section 1582PteTiernay J T F[killed 23 July 1916, aged 26]238
Platoon 4Section 161067C?SPatchett H T239
Platoon 4Section 1638CplMorey S K(?)240
Platoon 4Section 1625LCplKirk H G241
Platoon 4Section 1656LCplCranmer F W242
Platoon 4Section 1677PteAlldridge H243
Platoon 4Section 16825PteJervis N E244
Platoon 4Section 16824PteJervis A C – Commission 25/3/25245
Platoon 4Section 16175PteJones H B246
Platoon 4Section 16380PteHanson T R[killed 23 July 1916]247
Platoon 4Section 16303PtePhelps E J248
Platoon 4Section 1680PteSilk E G[killed 20 September 1918]249
Platoon 4Section 16744PteStones S250
Platoon 4Section 1624PteMann S251
Platoon 4Section 1644PteNickson S C[killed 23 July 1916, aged 24]252
Platoon 4Section 1683PteTroman C G[killed 23 July 1916, aged 27]253
Platoon 4Section 1698PteTroman J H254

No 1 Platoon No. 1 Section

Reg No Rank Name
Cap Robinson – Sen
Ehrhardt – Jun
2nd Lieut Baugh – ? Con
CSM Hern K Commission
1062 QMS Parry W M
217 Sgt Middleton A C(?) Commission
65 LCpl Cooper A M
111 Hooper F A
193 Pte Hall W E
64 Curtis G W [killed 23 July 1916, aged 29]
105 Widdowson H
240 Holder J P
66 Ball C S
119 Prescott T P [killed 23 July 1916, aged 22]
166 Hughes H T
101 Bate F A
78 Adey A H
113 Howell D [killed 25 March 1916, aged 21]
79 Smith F G
510 Benfield B W [killed 23 July 1916, aged 26]
? Sheaf F

No 1 Platoon No. 2 Section

Reg No Rank Name
236 Sgt Fawcett F A
1073 LCpl Harris A
861 Bird W H
43 Pte Matthews M(?) A
490 Smith O
27 Klein W
192 Lavelle J M
90 Stephenson S C
148 Franklin W E
185 Lemmon(?) E
47 Cox R G
141 Smart N H(?)
509 Beech C J
97 Tongue G H
46 Renaud Y C – Discharged
73 Tongue W E
35 ? ? ?

No 1 Platoon No. 3 Section

Reg No Rank Name
188 LCpl(?) Lilley A- Transferred to C Coy
63 Pte Cooper G E
179 Butler C H T
61 Collyer S J
363 Bishop E L
592 Butler L S L [killed 21 July 1916, aged 18]
832 Judge T
48 Clarke F W – On Probation A O Corps
183 Booth S – On Probation A O Corps
136 Williams H
181 Bachelor W
139 Whitehead E H

No 1 Platoon No. 4 Section

Reg No Rank Name
60 Sgt Cross J K(?) Commission 18/3/15(?)
133 Pte Whitmore W B
13 Glaze B C
161 Goldspink G H
163 Green S
70 Harding S W
84 Hunt F D
170 Jacobs F
174 Jones A [killed 23 July 1916, aged 24]
168 Jackson S P
173 Jones W
106 Pedlingham E R
21 LCpl Smith J B [killed 23 July 1916, aged 21]
142 Scott S L
145 LCpl? Evans – On Probation
293(?) Sgt ? ?

No 2 Platoon No. 5 Section

Reg No Rank Name
2nd Lieut Lythgoe [killed 26 July 1916]
1078 Sgt Phillips A J
95 Upton A
22 Cooksey M
Cpl Williams
58 LCpl Cox F W [killed 30 July 1916]
28 Pte Anstey J D [killed 23 July 1916]
52 Cox H J
69 Dixon S
227 Elliott G S
114 Harris D W
187 Lees T
40 Morley E W [killed 23 July 1916]
42 Narborough H(?)
121 Pondrous A
103 Richardson H J – on probation R F(?) Corps
96 Rodway H
?37 Wilkinson D A

No 2 Platoon No. 6 Section

Reg No Rank Name
589 Cpl Cartwright
41 Hill T
398 Pte Frasier M T H(?)
234 Freeman T H
606 Green N F
87 Hill A E
823 Jackson R A
178 Johnson A H Commission 5.4.15
199 ?ibby C
45 North W J [killed 23 July 1916]
127 Palmer A E
72 Teffer(?) T W
1018 Wasser H
1014 Weston N A
1015 Weston M H
Sgt Toed(?) on probation C O ?

No 2 Platoon No. 7 Section

Reg.No Rank Name
33 Cpl Rowcroft G A [killed 23 July 1916]
861 Pte Bird W H
549 De Vere R Commissioned 25/3/15
12 Float S E
401 Goode S A
1 Fleming H
2 Green G F
905 Guthrie A D
91 Hawton E
822 Johnson L J
124 Park N
774 Parker S H
666 Wilson J D
574 Bird C J
131 Preston W A [killed 23 July 1916, aged 23]

No 2 Platoon No. 8 Section

Reg.No Rank Name
581 Cpl Brown P W Commissioned 10/3/15
764 LCpl Sanby W Commission
575 Pte Brooks R A
595 Burton W
49 Coates
53 Cheshire D
1100 Deane
147 Field F A [killed 23 July 1916, aged 22]
115 Howard A
449 Ineuds(?) H
89 Skett
750 Taylor B C
76 Thompson A E [killed 23 July 1916, aged 24]

No 3 Platoon No. 9 Section

Reg.No Rank Name
2nd Lieu Lythgoe [killed 26 July 1916]
1030 Sgt Malin [killed 26 July 1916, aged 45]
249 L Sgt Curle
382 L Cpl Hughes Commission 10.3.15
30 Pte Allen C B [killed 23 July 1916]
85 Brooks
15 Dowler
230 Findlay
149 Farnell A B [killed 23 July 1916, aged 25]
150 Farnell A C [killed 23 July 1916]
202 Goode
200 Gibson
158 Gledhill
(1?)67 Instone
108 Jennings
(?)8 Lund
(?) 39 M Michael Commissioned
?8 Pain
? Proe

No 3 Platoon No. 10 Section

Reg No Rank Name
781 LSgt Keep A B Commission
154 Pte Bird W H
565 Anderton S [killed 23 July 1916, aged 24]
57 Coslett F V Commission
50 Coslett T C [killed 23 July 1916]
55 Caswell J R [transferred to 10th Battalion, died of wounds 15 May 1918, aged 28]
51 Clements C A
178 Holtham M
172 Jones S A
171 Jones H A
176 Joliffe L D
215 McQuay F [killed 30 July 1916]
126 Platt S W [killed 23 July 1916, aged 33]
132 Wiles F W
1010 Willis O
? Sgt Rice W G L

No 3 Platoon No. 11 Section

Reg No Rank Name
1088 Sgt Kitchen J M A [killed 16 December 1915]
594 LCpl Burleigh S G Commission 3.5.15
248 Curle A C
211 Pte Sanders V G
324 Dawson G
155 Hoe A [transferred to 10th battalion, killed 20 June 1917, aged 24]
169 Jones F G [killed 23 July 1916, aged 25]
110 Jukes A E
218 Mansell C P
212 Miller N
213 Middleton S N
835 Northwood J D D
210 Sanders V G
144 Smith S – Killed 18/3/16
311 Thompson V H [killed 23 July 1916, aged 24]

No 3 Platoon No. 12 Section

Reg No Rank Name
184 LCpl Langley
384 Pte Higgins Commission 30.4.15
245 Crocksford
243 Cartwright
222 Evans P M [killed 25 November 1916, aged 24]
209 Groves
677 Ingram
189 Lindner C A
343 Lilley
214 McNeil
816 Onions [killed 23 July 1916, aged 22]
314 Turner
285 Wilcock
1002 Butt

No 4 Platoon No. 13 Section

Reg No Rank Name
2nd Lieu Matthews
244 Sgt Connolly J P
71 Cpl Taylor O P
104 Pte Beddart A J
561 Bailey W E
14 Davies H V
116 Hutton T W M
180 Hutton J H M – Transferred to F C
182 Homer – Discharged
8 Marsh A H
732 Sorge F(?)
276 Sharrock W – Transferred to F C
93 Vint G
94 Vint S A [killed 23 July 1916]
?34 Watkins A G W

No 4 Platoon No. 14 Section

Reg No Rank Name
753 LCpl Plenderleith C B
153 Pte Bagot F H
194 Bentley S T
164 Goodings S A
242 Heath W R [transferred to 15th Battalion, killed 3 September 1916]
26 Kynock E J – Transferred 17.2.15 RFC
117 Page F H
120 Parsonage F W
143 Simmonds F C
711 Skerritt H R
17 Sidwell W H
18 Simons F E
81 Sprawson W C
267 White G

No 4 Platoon No. 15 Section

Reg No Rank Name
808 LCpl Line W R A
205 Pte Green A P [killed 23 July 1916, aged 21]
1072 Groom T R Commission 24/6/15
137 Franks J W
806 Line F F
346 Levi F J
821 MeadTransferred to AOC(?)
773 Plenderleith N(?) W(?)
486 Rudd O [killed 23 July 1916, aged 19]
485 Rudd A W
484 Rosenthall A
140 Roberts W
274 Scott R W [killed 3 September 1916, aged 21]
496 Warren-Boulton [killed 23 July 1916, aged 19]
82 Tiernay J T F [killed 23 July 1916, aged 26]

No 4 Platoon No. 16 Section

Reg No Rank Name
1067 C?S Patchett H T
38 Cpl Morey S K(?)
25 LCpl Kirk H G
56 Cranmer F W
77 Pte Alldridge H
825 Jervis N E
824 Jervis A C – Commission 25/3/25
175 Jones H B
380 Hanson T R [killed 23 July 1916]
303 Phelps E J
80 Silk E G [killed 20 September 1918]
744 Stones S
24 Mann S
44 Nickson S C [killed 23 July 1916, aged 24]
83 Troman C G [killed 23 July 1916, aged 27]
98 Troman J H