Morale: Reviews and Inspections

Extracts from Pte Whitmore’s Diary 

Inspection by General Campbell

Saturday March 13th on my birthday. Route march to Birmingham from Sutton. General inspection in Calthorpe Park at 2. General Campbell in passing lines asks me what I was before I joined. General salute at 3.30 pm Victoria Square, dismissed at 4pm near Corporation Street.

Inspection by Field Marshall Lord Kitchener

Saturday March 20th at Whittington Barracks Litchfield 5 pm. Afterwards marched past Lord Kitchener taking the salute. Marched from Sutton 10am marched back 10pm Full Pack, about 20 miles. Bully Beef Sandwich at Frog Lane School Litchfield ?pm no Drinks.

Inspection by Major General Dixon

Inspection by Major General Dixon, Inspector ? Infantry Forces, at 4pm March 24th Sutton Park “Musketry”etc, “Trenching” etc, Phi….


First Innoculation March 15th. A very bad time.

Second innoculation March 25th 1915. Bad Time.

Weeks Detachment

Friday April 9th

Company marched from Sutton to Henley in Arden, started 8am arrived 5pm. Lunch at Shirley “Red Lion” and Saracens Head. I rode Captains bike.

Returned Friday April 16th 1915, started 8am arrived in Sutton Park 5.30pm. I rode Captains bike back.

Entered Huts same night 16/4/15


April 22nd 1915

1474 Empty Cases Returned
214 ”         ”    C.H.M.S
274 Live Cases Returned

April 25th 1915

66 Empty Cases Returned
121 Live        “

April 27th 1915

391 Empty Cases Returned
58 Live       ”          “
449 ctte


Monday May 3rd 1915, Charged with hesitating to obey an order, two days C.B. But not a defaulter, ordinary duties (lighting candle 12pm not dousing at once)

Tuesday May 4th 1915 Promoted L.Cpl

May 7th 1915

203 Empty Cases Returned
7 Live       ”          “

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